Strategic Partner Selection

The Mozambican government, through Ministry of Mineral Resources, represented by Mphanda Nkuwa Hydroelectric Project Implementation Office (GMNK), on 13 December 2021 launched the international tender for the selection of a strategic partner for the construction of this energy generation undertaking.

Eight companies and international consortia have expressed interest in establishing a strategic partnership with the Mozambican government and delivered their pre-qualification documents, which were evaluated by Evaluation Committee, according to the Public Private Partnership Law.

The deadline for the submission of technical, economic and financial development proposals from the companies bidding to be the strategic partner of the Mphanda Nkuwa hydropower project closed on the 10th March, 2023.

Two international consortia comprising seven companies are bidding for the Mphanda Nkuwa project.

  • One involves ETC Holdings, ZESCO Limited, CECOT (Mota-Engil subsidiary) and PetroSA (subsidiary of Central Energy Fund, South Africa), and the other
  • Electricité de France (EDF), Total Energies and Sumitomo Corporation.

The selection of the investor will be carried out based on the criteria of technical capacity, financial strength and international experience in the development of hydroelectric project.

Besides these requirements, the proposals are followed by a financial guarantee of 10 millions USD.

The strategic partner will be responsible for investing between US$500 million and US$700 million corresponding to the proportion of its share in the total investment, estimated at US$4.5 billion, including the Tete high voltage power transmission line and Maputo.

Evaluation Committee

The Evaluation Committee is advised by the GMNK with technical support from the “Transaction Adviser”. The evaluation committee will be chaired by MIREME and will be made up of representatives of the following institutions:

  • Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy (MIREME)
  • Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF)
    Ministry of Land and Environment (MTA)
  • Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security (MITESS)
  • Bank of Mozambique (BM)
  • Cahora Bassa hydroelectric plant (HCB)
  • Electricity of Mozambique (EDM)

General Schedule - Script

Nov 2020 - Nov 2021
November 2020 to November 2021
Discussions of project development strategy and alignment with Government of Mozambique stakeholders.
Nov 2020 - Nov 2021
Dec 2021 - Nov 2022
December 2021 to November 2022
Launch of the tender process for the selection of the strategic partner for the development of the project, production and energy transmission.
Dec 2021 - Nov 2022
Dec 2022 - Dec 2024
December 2022 to December 2024
Selection of the strategic partner for the financial closing. Discussion and negotiation of project agreements. Completion of technical/environmental studies. Financial close, III quarter 2024.
Dec 2022 - Dec 2024
Jan 2025 - Jun 2030
January 2025 to June 2030
Construction period - Power transmission line. The power transmission line must be commissioned and available a few months before the planned testing and commissioning of the power project.
Jan 2025 - Jun 2030
Jul 2025 - Dec 2030
July 2025 to December 2030
Construction period of the energy production project. Assumed a period of more than 5 years for the energy production project, considering the large dimension of the energy project and in accordance with the feasibility study of the initial project.
Jul 2025 - Dec 2030
2031 +
2031 and future
Commercial operation of the Mphanda Nkuwa project and start of operations for the 30-year PPA term.
2031 +