About the project

Strategic Importance of the Project

Energy Hub of Southern Africa

MNK will create, substantial power export opportunities, with clean power, in the region thereby realizing Mozambique’s vision to establish itself as a regional power hub;

Least Cost Energy Generation

MNK will be one of the lowest cost energy provider in Mozambique and in the region, thereby significantly lowering the blended cost of electricity;

Universal Access and Rapid Industrialization

The Project will support Government of Mozambique’s vision of sustainable clean energy for the universal access of electricity in Mozambique by 2030. It will also nurture rapid future industrialization and growth through reliable regional transmission electrical Infrastructure;

Job Creation and Skill Development

Previous feasibility studies conducted earlier estimated that around 6,000 direct jobs would be created during the construction stage alone and around 1,500 long term jobs for 35 years and more. By providing power access, the Project will indirectly create opportunity for local businesses and manpower;

Taxes and Concession Fee Income for The State Of Mozambique

The Mozambican state authorities will receive projected social and economic benefits in the form of taxes over the life of the Project.

The project will also Accelerate Regional Green Transition

The hydropower plant will supply clean electricity to the Southern Africa Power Pool to combat climate change in Southern Africa.